Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Tuning with the Oracle Tuning Pack
Release 9.0.1

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The Oracle Tuning Pack provides advanced tools that focus on tuning the highest impact database performance areas, such as: application SQL, indexing strategies, instance parameters controlling I/O, SGA performance, and object sizing, placement, and reorganization. The tools included in this pack are designed to work together to accomplish many database tuning tasks. The applications included in the Oracle Tuning Pack are: Oracle SQL Analyze, Oracle Expert, Outline Editor, Outline Management, Oracle Index Tuning Wizard, Reorg Wizard, and the Tablespace Map.

This preface covers the following topics:


The purpose of this manual is to introduce you to the Oracle Tuning Pack applications. The manual describes how you can use each of the applications as part of an overall database tuning process.

Although this manual provides some guidelines for tuning your database, it does not attempt to be a definitive source for making tuning decisions. For more complete information about database and SQL application tuning, see the books listed in "Related Publications".


This manual is intended for database administrators, developers of Oracle-based applications, and all those responsible for the maintenance and performance of an Oracle database.

How This Manual is Organized

This manual contains the following six parts:

Part 1

Introduction to the Oracle Tuning Pack

This section briefly describes the individual pack applications and provides tips on choosing the right application to perform your database tuning tasks.

Part 2

Introduction to Oracle SQL Analyze

This section provides an overview of Oracle SQL Analyze. Oracle SQL Analyze helps you optimize the performance of SQL statements run against your databases.

Part 3

SQL Explain Plan

This brief chapter will introduce you to SQL Explain plans and help you read and understand them.

Part 4

Introduction to Oracle Expert

This section provides an overview of Oracle Expert. Oracle Expert is used to automate performance tuning and generate tuning recommendations.

Part 5

Introduction to Oracle Index Tuning Wizard

This section provides an overview of the Oracle Index Tuning wizard. This wizard identifies tables with inefficient indexes and makes recommendations which will improve access to those tables.

Part 6

Introduction to the Reorg Wizard

This section provides an overview of the Reorg Wizard. This wizard takes you step-by-step through a complete or partial tablespace reorganization to eliminate space usage problems.

Part 7

Introduction to the Tablespace Map

This section provides an overview of the Tablespace Map. This map provides a detailed graphical display of the segments within a selected tablespace. You can perform a segment analysis to see if the segments could benefit from a reorganization or rebuild.

Part 8

Introduction to Outline Management and Introduction to the Outline Editor

This section provides an overview of the Outline Management and Outline Editor tools. These tools are built on Oracle's Plan Stability functionality and allow you to create, modify, delete, and manage stored outlines.


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