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Oracle® Enterprise Manager Installation and Basic Configuration
10g Release 2 (10.2) for Linux x86

Part Number B16228-01
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List of Tables

1-1 Enterprise Manager Grid Control Components
1-2 CPU and Memory Allocation for Oracle Management Service
1-3 CPU and Memory Allocation for Repository Database
1-4 Execute Commands to Check Kernel parameter Settings
1-5 Browser Certifications for Grid Control
1-6 Certified Oracle Targets
1-7 Prerequisites Checks for Each Installation Type
1-8 Installation Type and the Corresponding Prerequisite Check
3-1 Enterprise Manager Installation Options
3-2 Specify Proxy information - Input Fields
3-3 Repository Database Passwords
3-4 Enterprise Manager Configuration Tools
3-5 Initialization Parameter Values
4-1 Available Response Files for Silent Installation
5-1 Sample Host List Format
5-2 AgentDownload Script Options
6-1 Agent Configuration Assistant Script Options
7-1 Commands to Start and Stop Management Service
7-2 Commands to Start and Stop Management Agent
8-1 Supported Component Versions that Correspond to the Install Type
8-2 Possible parameters that you can specify during Agent Upgrade
8-3 Options that you can use to execute the agentDownload script
B-1 Fixed Initialization Parameter Values
B-2 Variable Initialization parameter Values
E-1 Connectivity Prerequisite Check
E-2 Prerequisite Checks for a Fresh Installation of Management Agent
E-3 Prerequisite Check Errors and Resolutions on Local Host
E-4 Reasons for Prerequisite Check Failure and Corresponding User Actions
F-1 Parameters Supported by agentDownload Script
F-2 Parameters Supported by Oracle Universal Installer
H-1 List of Oracle Reserved Words
I-1 Required Environment Variable Setting