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Oracle® Enterprise Manager Installation and Basic Configuration
10g Release 2 (10.2) for Linux x86

Part Number B16228-01
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Grid Control, 7.3.5
installer, 3
management packs, 6.3.1
Oracle Metalink, 6.3
account, default for Super Administrator, 7.1.1
Agent Registration password,
agentDownload script, 5.3.1
actions performed,
benefits of, 5.3.2
options for,
using, 5.3.4
agentDownload script, pull technology, 5.3.1
application server
automatic discovery, 7.1.4
password access to, 2.5
assigning custom ports, 4.2
automatic discovery, 7.1.4
Automatic Storage Management (ASM), monitoring, 6.4


base directory, 1.3.2, 2.2
new database installation,
upgrading Enterprise Manager, 8.4
benefits of agentDownload script, 5.3.2
Binary Large Objects (BLOBs), recommendations for,
browser certifications, 1.4.2,
browsers for Grid Control,


operating system, 1.4.2
operating system versions,
Enterprise Manager targets,
targets for management or monitoring,
targets, requirements of, 1.4.2
completing installation process, running, 6.1
component definitions, 1.2
Configuration Data Tablespace,
configuration tasks, post-installation, 1.1
Enterprise Manager Configuration Plugin (EMCP), 2.9
optional, 6.3.2
proxy, 6.3.2
Configure Email Notification section, for new database installation,
connecting with Management Repository,
CPU and memory
allocation requirements, 1.4.1
recommended allocation,
cron job, in agentDownload script, 5.3.1
custom port numbers, 4.2
customizing agentDownload script,


Database Connection Details section, repository database configuration,
database settings, 6.2
initialization parameters, B.1
databases, and automatic discovery, 7.1.4
DBSNMP account
password, 6.4
Repository Database passwords passwords,
unlocking, 7.3.6
deinstallation of Oracle homes, 3.4
Management Agent, 5
Management Agent, planning for, 1.1
directory, creating base directory, 1.3.2


e-mail notifications, for SYSMAN account, 7.1.2
EMCP, 2.9
Enterprise Manager
certified targets,
components overview, 1.2
Configuration Plugin (EMCP), 2.9
hardware requirements, 1.4.1
installation options, 3.3, 3.3
out-of-box configuration, 7.1
platform and target certification requirements, 1.4.2
recommended setup tasks for new users, 7.2
Repository Configuration Assistant,
software requirements, 1.4.3
topology, 1.2.1
Execute Configuration Scripts dialog,,,,


failed prerequisite checks, action required for,
firewall, accessing sites outside,
footprint, definition of, 3.3


Grid Control
accessing, 7.3.5
console, definition of, 1.2
using console for first time, 7.2
Group Specification section of Universal Installer,


hard disk space, 3.3
hard disk space recommended for tablespace,
pre-installation requirements, 1.4
requirements for Real Application Clusters, 8.4.3
host name, Database Connection Details section,


-ignoresysPrereqs flag,
Info-ZIP zip utility, 2.1
initialization parameters for Management Repository, setting, B.1
options, 3.3, 3.3
planning for, 1.1
prerequisite checks for installation types, 1.4.4
scripted using agentDownload, 5.3.1
typical scenario,
additional languages, 2.4.1
additional Management Agent using OUI,
Enterprise Manager, 1.1, 3
Enterprise Manager using existing database,
Enterprise Manager, using new database,
Management Agent, 3.3.4
inventory directory, 2.4


Java Console, running, I.1


kernel parameters for packages,


Language Selection page
additional Management Agent installation,
additional Management Service installation,
existing database installation,
new database installation,
languages, installing additional, 2.4.1
licensing information, and pre-installation considerations, 1.3.1
logging in as root, 2.6


Management Agent
definition of, 1.2
deploying, 5
proxy configuration,
starting and stopping, 7.3.3
upgrading, 8.3.4
management packs, accessing, 6.3.1
Management Repository
definition of, 1.2
initialization parameters, B.1
software requirements, 1.4.3,
Management Repository Database, starting, 7.3.1
Management Service
Agent Registration password,
definition of, 1.2
proxy configuration,
software requirements, 1.4.3,
starting and stopping, 7.3.2, 7.3.2
upgrading, 8.3.3
upgrading existing database, 8.3.2
upgrading new database, 8.3.1
Management tablespace location,
memory and CPU
allocation requirements, 1.4.1
recommended allocation,
memory requirements, 3.3
message URL http
//, 6.3, A.10
//, 2.1, A.10
//, Preface
accessing, 6.3
accessing Web site, 6.3
specifying credentials, 6.3.2
metric collection error, and Database Home page, 6.4
monitoring credentials, setting, 7.3.7
multiple Oracle home support, 1.3.3
pre-installation considerations, 1.3
multiple-Oracle home installations and configurations, Preface


Notification Methods option for e-mail,
notification rules for e-mail, 7.1.3


software requirements, 1.4.3
starting and stopping, 7.3.2
upgrading, 8.3.3
upgrading existing database, 8.3.2
upgrading new database, 8.3.1
operating system certifications, 1.4.2,
optional configurations, 6.3.2
base directory, 1.3.2
directory, 1.3
directory and Oracle homes, 2.2
directory, pre-installation requirements, 1.3.2
homes, deinstallation of, 3.4
MetaLink credentials, specifying, 6.3.2
multiple home support, 1.3.3
software requirements, 1.4.3
System Identifier (SID),
Universal Installer, starting, 2.8
Universal Installer, using, 3.2
Oracle Management Agent
see Management Agent
Oracle Management Repository
see Management Repository
Oracle Management Service
see Management Service
see MetaLink
oraInventory directory, 2.4
OSDBA group,
OSOPER group,
out-of-box configuration, 7.1


packages required and kernel parameters,
parent directory
new database installation,
upgrading Enterprise Manager, 8.4
application server, 2.5
restrictions and recommendations,
securing Grid Control,
permissions and prerequisites, new database installation,
planning an installation, 1.1
port field, for proxy information,
port number, Database Connection Details section,
ports, assigning custom, 4.2
post-installation configuration tasks, 1.1
considerations, 1, 1.1
considerations for Enterprise Manager, 1.3
licensing information, 1.3
Oracle directory, 1.3.2
requirements for Enterprise Manager, 1.4
check status,
checks, 1.4.4
Prerequisite Checker, running in standalone mode, 1.5
installing using existing database,
software, 8.1
product prerequisites,
proxy configuration, 6.3.2
for Management Agent,
for Management Service,
proxy information, using for external access,
proxy settings for Web site access,
pulling Agent bits, 5.3


rdist, agentDownload script
pull technology, agentDownload script, 5.3.1
Real Application Clusters, installation requirements, 8.4.3
realm field, for proxy information,
recommended CPU and memory allocation,
Repository Configuration Assistant,
Repository Database passwords,
CPU and memory allocation, 1.4.1
for general system installation, 8.4.3
hardware, 1.4.1
packages and kernel parameters,
resource allocation considerations,
root, logging in as, 2.6 script as part of agentDownload script, 5.3.4
rules for e-mail notifications, 7.1.3
runInstaller script, 3.2.2, 3.3
running Prerequisite Checker, 1.5
running, 6.1


script actions, agentDownload,
script options, descriptions for agentDownload,
scripted installation, 5.3.1
Grid Control, passwords for,
silent installation
performing, 4.1
skipped prerequisite checks, action required for,
extracting from zip files, 2.1.1
getting from Oracle Technology Network, 2.1
prerequisites, 8.1
requirements for Enterprise Manager, 1.4.3
requirements for Real Application Clusters,
Specify Repository Database Configuration page,
SSL-enabled Management Service,
Management Repository Database, 7.3.1
Oracle Universal Installer, 2.8
starting and stopping Management Service, 7.3.2
Static Ports feature, 4.2
Super Administrator default account, 7.1.1
SYS account, Repository Database passwords,
SYSMAN account,, 7.1.2
default for Super Administrator, 7.1.1
SYSTEM account, Repository Database passwords,


target discovery, troubleshooting issues for,
targets certified,
topology of Enterprise Manager, 1.2.1
troubleshooting issues for target discovery,


unlocking DBSNMP user account, 7.3.6
Management Agent, 8.3.4
Oracle Management Service, 8.3.3
agentDownload script, 3.3.4, 5.3.4
existing database,
Oracle Universal Installer, 3, 3.2
OUI, 3, 3.3.4
response files, 4.1


versions of browser for console,


warning prerequisite checks, action required for,


zip files, extracting software from, 2.1.1