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Oracle Database
  10g Release 1 (10.1)
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Information Integration

To take full advantage of your data, you might need to move it, transform it, and combine data from multiple sources.

Oracle Streams

Oracle Streams lets you move data within or between databases:

Streams Concepts and Administration HTML PDF
Streams Replication Administrator's Guide HTML PDF
Streams Advanced Queuing Java API Reference (Javadoc) HTML  
Streams Advanced Queuing User's Guide and Reference HTML PDF
PL/SQL Packages and Types Reference HTML PDF
Reference HTML PDF


Oracle Workflow lets you define and execute business processes, such as approvals and notifications.

Workflow Administrator's Guide HTML PDF
Workflow Developer's Guide HTML PDF
Workflow User's Guide HTML PDF
Workflow API Reference HTML PDF

Advanced Replication

Replication copies data so that you always have a backup copy, either as a standby database or to run queries:

Advanced Replication HTML PDF
Advanced Replication Management API Reference HTML PDF
PL/SQL Packages and Types Reference HTML PDF
Reference HTML PDF

Heterogeneous Services

You can integrate data from non-Oracle database systems with data that resides in an Oracle database:

Heterogeneous Connectivity Administrator's Guide HTML PDF

Network Management

Oracle Net helps you manage connectivity, security, and performance across both Internet and intranet networks:

Net Services Administrator's Guide HTML PDF
Net Services Reference Guide HTML PDF

Additional Features

Other Information Integration features, such as transportable tablespaces, Data Pump, and Web services, are covered in these books.

Administrator's Guide HTML PDF
Java Developer's Guide HTML PDF
Utilities HTML PDF

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