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Oracle® Ultra Search Administrator's Guide
11g Release 1 (11.1)

Part Number B28330-01
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What's New in Oracle Ultra Search

This section describes Oracle Ultra Search new features, with pointers to additional information. It also explains the Oracle Ultra Search release history.

New Features in Release 11g

Oracle Ultra Search is in maintenance mode; that is, no new features are implemented in Ultra Search.

In March of 2006, Oracle launched Oracle Secure Enterprise Search. The main difference from Ultra Search is that Oracle Secure Enterprise Search provides strong support for searching secure documents, and it is a standalone, easy-to-use product separate from the database.

Oracle Secure Enterprise Search includes significant new functionality and will continue to be enhanced. Consider moving to Oracle Secure Enterprise Search if you want the following:

Oracle Ultra Search Release Information

Oracle Ultra Search is currently released only with Oracle Database. Previously, release numbers varied by Oracle product, and Oracle Ultra Search took its version number from the vehicle in which it was packaged. Therefore, later version numbers may actually be earlier versions of the product. For example, Oracle Ultra Search 9.2.0 is an older release than Oracle Ultra Search 9.0.4.

The following table shows the Oracle Ultra Search versions in increasing order:

Oracle Ultra Search Version Release Vehicle
Oracle Ultra Search release 8.1.7 Oracle database version 8.1.7
Oracle Ultra Search release 9.0.1 Oracle9i release 1 (9.0.1)
Oracle Ultra Search release 9.0.2 Oracle9iAS release 2 (9.0.2)
Oracle Ultra Search release 9.2 Oracle9i release 9.2
Oracle Ultra Search release 9.0.3 Oracle Collaboration Suite 9.0.3
Oracle Ultra Search release 9.0.4 Oracle Application Server release 10g (9.0.4)
Oracle Ultra Search release 10.1 Oracle Database 10g and Oracle Application Server 10g


Beginning with release 10g, the Oracle Ultra Search backend version is always the same as the database version.

For OracleAS releases, the Oracle Ultra Search version number is the same as the version of the database used in the Metadata Repository. However, there is an exception to this: If your Metadata Repository is Oracle9i release 9.2, then you will have Oracle Ultra Search release 9.0.4.