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Oracle® Ultra Search Administrator's Guide
11g Release 1 (11.1)

Part Number B28330-01
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D URL Crawler Status Codes

The crawler uses a set of codes to indicate the result of the crawled URL. Besides the standard HTTP status code, it uses its own code for non-HTTP related situations. Only URLs with status 200 will be indexed.

The following table lists the URL status codes.

Code Description
200 URL OK
400 Bad request
401 Authorization required
402 Payment required
403 Access forbidden
404 Not found
405 Method not permitted
406 Not acceptable
407 Proxy authentication required
408 Request timeout
409 Conflict
410 Gone
414 Request URI too large
500 Internal server error
502 Bad gateway
503 Service unavailable
504 Gateway timeout
505 HTTP version not supported
902 Timeout reading document
903 Filtering failed
904 Out of memory error
905 IOEXCEPTION in processing URL
906 Connection refused
907 Socket bind exception
908 Filter not available
909 Duplicate document detected
910 Duplicate document ignored
911 Empty document
951 URL not crawled (this can happen if robots.txt specifies that a certain document should not be indexed)
952 URL crawled
953 Metatag redirection
954 HTTP redirection
955 Black list URL
956 URL is not unique
957 Sentry URL (URL as a place holder)
958 Document read error
959 Form login failed
1001 Datatype is not TEXT/HTML
1002 Broken network data stream
1003 HTTP redirect location does not exist
1004 Bad relative URL
1005 HTTP error
1006 Error parsing HTTP header
1007 Invalid URL table column name
1008 JDBC driver missing
1009 Binary document reported as text document
1010 Invalid display URL