This graphic shows an example of the Oracle Streams topology for an Oracle Streams replication environment. Text at the top of the page reads, "The Oracle Streams Topology shows the current database and the databases to which it propagates messages. Also, it shows databases that propagate messages to the current database to be applied locally."

Under the text on the top left-hand side of the page is an Overview window. This window shows the HUB.NET database icon connected to a database icon with an arrow. The database icon represents the current database. On the right side of the window is a series of boxes with a + sign on the top and a - sign on the bottom. The boxes are used to increase or decrease the size of the image in the right window.

Under the Overview window is a Selection Details window. This window contains the following text, "Global Database Name HUB.NET".

There is a window on the right that shows a large version of the images shown in the Overview window.