This screenshot shows the Refresh Groups page. The top of the page has an Object Type list. Below the list is a search tool that includes a Schema field with a flashlight icon, an Object Name field, and a Go button. Above the search tool is the text, "Select an object type and optionally enter a schema name and object name to filter the data that is displayed in your result set." Below the search tool is the following text, "By default, the search returns all uppercase matches beginning with the string you entered. To run an exact or case-sensitive match, double quote the search string. You can use the wildcard symbol (%) in a double quoted string."

Below the text is a Selection Mode list and a Create button. Below the button is a table with an Edit button, a View button, a Delete button, and an Actions list with a Go button at the top of the table. The table has the following fields: Select, Schema, Name, Broken, Next Date and Interval.

One row is shown in the table with the values: Row selected, "MVADMIN" text, "MVR" link, "NO" text, "Oct 4, 2006 1:45:49 PM PDT" text, and "/*24:Hr*/sysdate + 24/24" text.