This screenshot shows the Propagation subpage of the Streams page. At the top of the page are the subpage links Overview, Capture, Propagation, Apply, and Messaging. Below the links is the text, "Last Refresh October 18, 2006 12:28:04 PM PDT". Under the text is a Setup Propagation button.

Under the button is a table with the following fields: Select, Name, Source Database, Positive Rule Set, Negative Rule Set, Source Queue, Destination DB Link, Status, Failures Since Startup, and Error.

One row is shown in the table. The values of the row are: Row selected, "STR1_TO_STR2" link, "RULESET$_29" link, "n/a" link, "STREAMS_QUEUE" text, "II1.NET" text, "ENABLED" link, "0" link, and blank.

A Related Links section includes the following links:

The subpage links at the top of the page are repeated at the bottom of the page.