This screenshot shows the Overview subpage of the Advanced Replication: Administration page. At the top of the page is a Refresh button and a View Data list. The page has the following subpage links: Overview, Statistics, and Purge Schedule. Below the links are the Overview, Multimaster Replication, and Materialized View Replication sections:

On the right side of the page is an Overview section with the following text:

Multimaster Replication

Multimaster replication comprises of multiple master sites equally participating in an update-anywhere model. Updates made to an individual master site are propagated (sent) to all other participating master sites using database links.

Materialized View Replication

Materialized View Replication allows complete or partial replicas of tables on the source database (called the master site) to be created on one or more destination databases (called materialized view sites).

Error Transactions

These are the deferred transactions from another master site or materialized view site that could not be applied successfully at the current master site. User can remove, retry or see the details of the error in the error transaction page.

Deferred Transactions

These are the data manipulation language (DML) changes on a table which are stored in a queue in an asynchronous replication environment. The deferred transactions are propagated to the target destinations at scheduled intervals or on-demand. User can remove, push the transaction manually, or see the details of the transaction in Deferred transaction page.

Scheduled Links

A scheduled link is a database link with a user-defined schedule to push deferred transactions. It determines how a master site propagates its deferred transactions to another master site, or how a materialized view site propagates its deferred transactions to its master site. User can schedule each link and also set the additional options like propagation, stop on error etc., on the Scheduled link page.