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Oracle® Database Reference
11g Release 1 (11.1)

Part Number B28320-01
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V$PROXY_ARCHIVEDLOG contains descriptions of archived log backups that were taken using the proxy copy functionality.

In a proxy copy, the media manager takes over the operations of backing up and restoring data. Each row represents a backup of one control file.

Column Datatype Description
RECID NUMBER Proxy copy record identifier
STAMP NUMBER Proxy copy stamp
DEVICE_TYPE VARCHAR2(17) Type of media device that stores the proxy copy
HANDLE VARCHAR2(513) Name or "handle" for the proxy copy
COMMENTS VARCHAR2(81) Comments about the proxy copy
MEDIA VARCHAR2(65) A comment that contains further information about the media manager that created this backup
MEDIA_POOL NUMBER Number of the media pool in which the proxy copy is stored
TAG VARCHAR2(32) Tag for the proxy copy
STATUS VARCHAR2(1) Status of the backup set:
  • A - Available

  • U - Unavailable

  • X - Expired

  • D - Deleted

DELETED VARCHAR2(3) Indicates whether this record has been deleted (YES) or not (NO)
THREAD# NUMBER Number of the redo thread
SEQUENCE# NUMBER Log sequence number
RESETLOGS_CHANGE# NUMBER RESETLOGS SCN of the database incarnation to which this archived log belongs
RESETLOGS_TIME DATE RESETLOGS time stamp of the database incarnation to which this archived log belongs
FIRST_CHANGE# NUMBER First SCN of this redo log
FIRST_TIME DATE Time when Oracle switched into the redo log
NEXT_CHANGE# NUMBER First SCN of the next redo log in the thread
NEXT_TIME DATE First time stamp of the next redo log in the thread
BLOCKS NUMBER Size of this archived redo log (in operating system blocks)
BLOCK_SIZE NUMBER Block size for the copy (in bytes)
START_TIME DATE Time when the proxy copy was initiated
COMPLETION_TIME DATE Time when the proxy copy was completed
ELAPSED_SECONDS NUMBER Duration of the proxy copy
TERMINAL VARCHAR2(3) Indicates whether this record corresponds to a terminal archived redo log, as defined in V$ARCHIVED_LOG (YES) or not (NO)