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Oracle® Database Reference
11g Release 1 (11.1)

Part Number B28320-01
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V$BUFFER_POOL displays information about all buffer pools available for the instance.

Column Datatype Description
ID NUMBER Buffer pool identifier number
NAME VARCHAR2(20) Name of the buffer pool:

  • KEEP


    Note: Currently, KEEP and RECYCLE pools only exist for the standard block size. All non-standard block size pools are DEFAULT.

BLOCK_SIZE NUMBER Block size (in bytes) for buffers in this pool. Possible values: the standard block size, the power of 2 non-standard block sizes, 2048, 4096, 8192, 16384, 32768.
RESIZE_STATE VARCHAR2(10) Current state of the resize operation:

STATIC - Not being resized

ALLOCATING - Memory is being allocated (can be cancelled by the user)

ACTIVATING - New buffers are being created (user cannot cancel)

SHRINKING - Buffers are being deleted (can be cancelled by the user)

CURRENT_SIZE NUMBER Present size of the sub-cache (in megabytes)
BUFFERS NUMBER Current instantaneous number of buffers
TARGET_SIZE NUMBER If a resize is in progress (state is not STATIC), records new target size (in megabytes). If the pool is STATIC, the value in this column is the same as the current size of the pool.
TARGET_BUFFERS NUMBER If a resize is in progress, records new target size in terms of buffers. Otherwise, the value in this column is the same as the current number of buffers.
PREV_SIZE NUMBER Previous buffer pool size. If the buffer pool has never been resized, the previous size is zero.
PREV_BUFFERS NUMBER Previous number of buffers in the buffer pool. Value is zero if the buffer pool has never been resized.
LO_BNUM NUMBER Obsolete column
HI_BNUM NUMBER Obsolete column
LO_SETID NUMBER Obsolete column
HI_SETID NUMBER Obsolete column
SET_COUNT NUMBER Obsolete column

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