This is a screenshot of the Edit Profile page, with the Password subpage displayed. At the top of the page, going from left to right, are the following elements: an Actions list, a Go button, and three buttons labeled Show SQL, Revert, and Apply. Beneath these elements, going down the page, are a number of text fields as follows: under the heading Password, 2 fields named "Expire in (days)" (current value 180) and "Lock (days past expiration)" (current value 7); under the heading History, 2 fields named "Number of passwords to keep" (current value 'UNLIMITED') and "Number of days to keep for" (current value 'UNLIMITED'); under the heading Complexity, a field named "Complexity function" (current value NULL); and under the heading Failed Login, 2 fields named "Number of failed login attempts to lock after" (current value 10) and "Number of days to lock for" (current value 1). All fields have flashlight icons to their right.