In the top right corner of the page are the following buttons: Create.

In a horizontal row across the top of the screenshots are the following GUI elements: Delete button, Actions list (with Create SQL Tuning Set shown), Go button, page scrolling list (with 201-212 of 212 shown).

Underneath the row of GUI elements is a table. The table contains the following columns: Select, ID, Capture Time, Collection Level, Within A Baseline. The values in the ID column are links. The Select column shows a selectable option.

12 rows are shown. The values of row 1 are: null, 238, Jul 10 2007 8:00:08 AM, TYPICAL, null. Each row increments the ID by 1, so row 2 is 239, row 3 is 240, and so on. Each snapshot occurs an hour after the previous snapshot, except for the last snapshot, which is 249. The Capture time for this snapshot is Jul 10 2007 6:27:33 PM.

End of description.