This screenshot shows the Activity subpage of the Session Details page.

A line chart labeled % Activity is shown. The units of the x-axis are times of day, in 5-minute intervals. The x-coordinates shown range from 4:27 to 5:28. The y-coordinates shown range from 0 to 250. The following types of information are plotted in the chart: resmgr:cpu quantum, and CPU Used. The chart indicates that both CPU and resmgr spiked to 100 at 5:20 and then to 200 at 5:25.

Underneath the chart is a slider, which is set to the period between 5:20 and 5:25.

Underneath the row of elements is a table. The table contains the following columns: Activity (%), SQL ID, QC SID, SQL Command, Plan Hash Value, Module, Action, Client ID. Values in the Activity (%) column are displayed as a horizontal bar chart with an associated number. Values in the SQL ID, Plan Hash Value, and Module column are displayed as links.

3 rows are shown in the table. The values of row 1 are: 92.26, 5mxdwvuf9j3vd, null, SELECT, 2043253752, SQL*Plus, null, and null. The values of row 2 are: 7.41, 0abfbq9bmcf0s, PL/SQL EXECUTE, 0, SQL*Plus, null, and null. The values of row 3 are: .34, null, null, UNKNOWN, 0, SQL*Plus, null, and null.

End of description.