The Performance subpage of the Host page is shown.

On the top left is a View list with Performance Summary selected. On the top right is a View Data list with Real Time: Manual Refresh shown.

Three charts appear on the page. Under CPU Utilization, the chart shows that CPU usage peaked at 100%. Under Memory Utilization, the chart shows that memory usage is constant at approximately 90%. Under Disk I/O Utilization, the chart shows that disk usage has been fluctuating around 10.

Underneath the charts is the Processes section.

There are 69 process.

This section has a Top 10 Processes subsection.

The View By list shows CPU Utilization (%).

The table has the following columns: Process ID Command, CPU Utilization (%), Resident Size (KB), Virtual Size (KB) Owner.

There are 10 rows in the table. Row 1 has the values: 3896, iexplore, 1, 34128, 43936, N/A. Row 2 has the values: 2320, cmd, 0, 88, 1476, N/A. The remaining rows are similar to row 2 in terms of CPU and size.

End of description.