The Alerts section on the Database Home page is shown.

The Category list shows All. To the right of the list is the Go button. To the right is the word "Critical," followed by a red "X" and the number 1. To the right is the word "Warning," followed by an exclamation point icon and the number 1.

The table contains the following columns: Severity, Category, Name, Impact, Message, and Alert Triggered.

The table contains 2 rows. Row 1 contains the following values: (red x icon), Incident, Generic Internal Error, PROCESS FAILURE, Internal error (3050924502) detected, and Feb 26 2007 4:45 AM.

Row 2 contains the following values: (exclamation point icon), Alert log, Generic Alert Log Error, null, ORA-error stack logged, and Feb 26 2007 1:50 AM.

End of description.