This screenshot shows the top portion of the Active Sessions Working: CPU Used page.

In the top right corner of the screenshot is the following list: View Data. The value shown in Real Time: 15 Second Refresh.

A line chart labeled Active Sessions is shown. The units of the x-axis are times of day in 5-minute intervals. The x-coordinates shown range from 4:12 to 5:10. The units of the y-axis are: number of active sessions. The y-coordinates shown range from 0.0 to 1.2. The following types of information are plotted in the chart: CPU Used. The chart indicates that CPU usage spiked to 1.0 from 5:03 to 5:09.

Underneath the chart is a slider. The selected time interval is 5:05 to 5:10.

Underneath the line chart is the Detailed for Selected 5 Minute Interval Section.

The Start Time is April 1, 2007 5:03:32 PM PDT.

The Detail section contains the following subsections: Top Working SQL, and Top Working Sessions.

The Top Working SQL section contains the Actions list, which shows Schedule SQL Tuning Advisor. Next to it is the Go button.

In a horizontal row across the top of the screenshots are the following links: Select All, and Select None.

The Top Working Sessions section contains the View list, which shows Top Sessions.

Underneath the list is a table. The table contains the following columns: Activity (%), Session ID, User Name, and Program. Values in the Activity column are displayed as a horizontal bar chart with an associated number. Values in the Session ID and User Name columns are links.

3 rows are shown in the table. The values of row 1 are: 97.37, 121, SH, and sqlplus@stbcs09-1. The values of row 2 are: .33, 140, DBSNMP, OMS. the values of row 3 are: .33, 142, SYSMAN, OMS.

End of description.