The illustration shows the syntax of a procedure declaration that includes a WITH INTERFACE clause. The declaration begins with the keyword PROCEDURE followed by the procedure_name. next comes a parameter list which is enclosed in parentheses. Each element in the list consists of the param_formal_name, followed by an optional mode, followed by the pl/sql_datatype. Multiple list items must be separated by commas. The mode attribute is described later in the chapter. After the parameter list come the keywords WITH INTERFACE PROCEDURE, followed by the interface_procedure_name. This is followed by a left parenthesis and then one or more int_param_formal_name elements. There are no commas between the elements, and the syntax is defined in the next graphic. The final item in the decoration is either the keywords SQLCODE INTEGER, followed by a right parenthesis and a semicolon, or the keywords SQLSTATE CHARACTER, followed by a 5 in parenthesis, followed by a closing right parenthesis and a semicolon.