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Oracle® SQL*Module for Ada Programmer's Guide
11g Release 1 (11.1)

Part Number B31228-01
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E System-Specific References

This appendix contains a complete list of the features of the SQL*Module compiler and its libraries that are system specific.

System-Specific Aspects of SQL*Module

This section describes the system-specific aspects of the SQL*Module compiler features and their libraries that are system specific.

Supported Compilers

The Ada compiler that you can use to compile the code generated by SQL*Module is platform specific. See your system-dependent documentation.

Character Case in Command Lines

Operating systems differ in case sensitivity. See "Case of Package and Procedure Names" for more information.

Location of Files

The location in the directory hierarchy of the SQL*Module executable, the system configuration file, and the SQLLIB and OCILIB libraries can differ from system to system. See "Invoking SQL*Module" and "Configuration Files".

Filename Extensions

The default filename extensions that SQL*Module generates for output files might vary from platform to platform. See "Output Files".

Ada Output Files

The default filenames and filename extensions for Ada depend on the supported compiler for your system. See "Source Code Output File" and "Listing File".

Command Line

The command line interpreter makes assumptions about defaults that are system specific. See your system-specific Oracle documentation.


The SQL_STANDARD package that is shipped with the Ada version of SQL*Module can differ from system to system, depending on the requirements of your Ada compiler. See your system-specific Oracle documentation.