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The main components of the PL/SQL development environment consist of Oracle HTTP Server powered by Apache, Oracle Database, and a Web browser.

Oracle HTTP Server contains the PL/SQL Gateway or mod_plsql module, the database access description (DAD) that contains the database connection information, and the file system where static HTML files and images are stored for use by Web applications.

Oracle Database contains the PL/SQL stored procedures of the Web application and the PL/SQL Web Toolkit. The PL/SQL Web Toolkit contains a set of packages called htp, htf, and owa packages. These packages are used in the stored procedures to get information about the Web application request, construct HTML tags, and return header information back to the client Web browser as the response returned to PL/SQL Gateway. From the PL/SQL Gateway, the response is returned to the HTTP server for hosting as a formatted Web page for the client Web browser.