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Oracle® XML Developer's Kit Programmer's Guide,
11g Release 1 (11.1)

Part Number B28394-01
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28 Using the XPath Processor for C++

This chapter contains these topics:


Use the new unified C++ API in xml.hpp for new XDK applications. The old C++ API in oraxml.hpp is deprecated and supported only for backward compatibility, but will not be enhanced. It will be removed in a future release.

XPath Interfaces

Processor Interface - basic XPath processor interface that any XPath processor is supposed to conform to.

CompProcessor Interface - extended XPath processor that adds an ability to use XPath expressions pre-compiled into an internal binary representation. In this release this interface represents Oracle virtual machine interface.

Compiler Interface - XPath compiler into binary representation.

NodeSetRef Interface - defines references to node sets when they are returned by the XPath expression evaluation.

XPathException Interface - exceptions for XPath compilers and processors.

XPathObject Interface - interface for XPath 1.0 objects.

Sample Programs

Sample programs are located in xdk/demo/cpp/new.

The programs XslXPathSample and XvmXPathSample have sources:

XslXPathSampleGen.hpp, XslXPathSampleGen.cpp, XslXPathSampleMain.cpp, XslXPathSampleForce.cpp;

and XvmXPathSampleGen.hpp, XvmXPathSampleGen.cpp, XvmXPathSampleMain.cpp, XvmXPathSampleForce.cpp.

See Also:

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