Updated 2004/12/10

Sun[tm] Studio 10: Sun Performance Library[tm] Readme


  1. Introduction
  2. About the Sun Performance Library
  3. New and Changed Features
  4. Software Corrections
  5. Problems and Workarounds
  6. Limitations and Incompatibilities
  7. Documentation Errors


A. Introduction

This document contains information about the Sun Performance Library[tm] provided with the Sun Studio compilers and tools.

This document describes the software corrections, known problems, limitations, and incompatibilities of this release of the Sun Performance Library[TM].

Product Documentation

Note - If your Sun Studio compilers and tools have not been installed in the default /opt directory, ask your system administrator for the equivalent path on your system.


B. About the Sun Performance Library

This release of Sun Performance Library is available on the Solaris[tm] Operating System, versions 8, 9, and 10.

Sun Performance Library is a set of optimized, high-speed mathematical subroutines for solving linear algebra and other numerically intensive problems. Sun Performance Library is based on a collection of public domain applications available from Netlib at http://www.netlib.org. Sun has enhanced these public domain applications and bundled them as the Sun Performance Library.

Sun Performance Library contains enhanced versions of the following standard libraries:

Sun Performance Library includes the following additional routines:


The LAPACK 3.0 routines in Sun Performance Library are compatible with the user routines from previous versions of LAPACK, including 1.x and 2.0, and with all routines in LAPACK 3.0. However, due to internal changes in LAPACK 3.0, compatibility with internal routines cannot be guaranteed.  Internal routines that might be incompatible are called auxiliary routines in the LAPACK source code available from Netlib. Some information on auxiliary routines is included in the LAPACK Users' Guide, available from the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) at http://www.siam.org.

Because the user interfaces to the LAPACK auxiliary routines can change from release to release of LAPACK, the user interfaces to the LAPACK auxiliary routines in Sun Performance Library can change as well. Auxiliary routines compatible with LAPACK 3.0 are generally available for users to call; however, the auxiliary routines are not specifically documented, tested, or supported. Be aware that the user interfaces for the LAPACK auxiliary routines can change in future releases of Sun Performance Library, so that the user interfaces comply with the version of LAPACK supported by that version of the Sun Performance Library.


The following Sun Performance Library documentation is available:

For additional reference information, see the LAPACK Users' Guide 3rd ed., by Anderson, E. and others, SIAM, 1999, which is available from the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) or your local bookstore. The LAPACK Users' Guide is the official reference for the base LAPACK 3.0 routines available on Netlib and provides mathematical descriptions of the LAPACK 3.0 routines.


C. New and Changed Features

This section describes new and changed features for the Sun Studio Sun Performance Library.

  1. Sun Performance Library released for x86 based systems

    This release of Sun Performance Library includes libraries for the Solaris OS on 64-bit x86 based systems. The 64-bit x86 version of Sun Performance Library is functionally identical to the SPARC v9 version, with the following exceptions:

    • Quad-precision routines (dqdoti, dqdota) are not available.
    • Interval BLAS routines are not available.
    • Routines with 64-bit integer parameters are not available; that is, DAXPY() is available, but DAXPY_64() is not.
    • The Portable Performance Library feature is not available on the Solaris OS on x86 based systems.

    To link with the high performance amd64 optimized library, use the -xarch=amd64 flag. For example:

        f95 -xarch=amd64 example.f -xlic_lib=sunperf 
        cc -xarch=amd64 example.c -xlic_lib=sunperf
        CC -xarch=amd64 example.cc -library=sunperf 

D. Software Corrections

There is no new information at this time.


E. Problems and Workarounds

This section discusses known software problems and possible workarounds for those problems. For updates or patches, check the updated information at http://developers.sun.com/prodtech/cc/support_index.html.

  1. Slow Link Times When Linking With v9 (64-bit) libsunperf Libraries

    A link editor bug (4369068) in the Solaris 8 OS can cause slow link times when linking with 64-bit libraries containing many weak symbols, such as libsunperf. Only make performance, not runtime performance, is affected by this link editor bug.

    The link editor bug is fixed by the following patch:

    • Solaris 8 Operating System patch 109147-09 (minimum revision required)

    The patch can be downloaded from http://sunsolve.sun.com.

F. Limitations and Incompatibilities

This section discusses limitations and incompatibilities with systems or other software.

There is no new information at this time.

For last-minute information, see the release notes at http://developers.sun.com/tools/cc/documentation/ss10_docs/release_notes.html.


G. Documentation Errors

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