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Pro*COBOL® Programmer's Guide
11g Release 1 (11.1)

Part Number B28428-01
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Title and Copyright Information


What's New in Pro*COBOL?

Part I Introduction and Concepts

1 Introduction

2 Precompiler Concepts

3 Database Concepts

4 Datatypes and Host Variables

5 Embedded SQL

6 Embedded PL/SQL

7 Host Tables

8 Error Handling and Diagnostics

9 Oracle Dynamic SQL

Part II Applications

10 ANSI Dynamic SQL

11 Oracle Dynamic SQL: Method 4

12 Multithreaded Applications

13 Large Objects (LOBs)

14 Precompiler Options

A Operating System Dependencies

B Reserved Words, Keywords, and Namespaces

C Performance Tuning

D Syntactic and Semantic Checking

E Embedded SQL Statements and Precompiler Directives

F Pro*COBOL for Windows