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Oracle® Spatial Developer's Guide
11g Release 1 (11.1)

Part Number B28400-01
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Title and Copyright Information


What's New in Oracle Spatial?

Part I Conceptual and Usage Information

1 Spatial Concepts

2 Spatial Data Types and Metadata

3 SQL Multimedia Type Support

4 Loading Spatial Data

5 Indexing and Querying Spatial Data

6 Coordinate Systems (Spatial Reference Systems)

7 Linear Referencing System

8 Spatial Analysis and Mining

9 Extending Spatial Indexing Capabilities

Part II Spatial Web Services

10 Introduction to Spatial Web Services

11 Geocoding Address Data

12 Business Directory (Yellow Pages) Support

13 Routing Engine

14 OpenLS Support

15 Web Feature Service (WFS) Support

16 Catalog Services for the Web (CSW) Support

17 Security Considerations for Spatial Web Services

Part III Reference Information

18 SQL Statements for Indexing Spatial Data

19 Spatial Operators

20 Spatial Aggregate Functions

21 SDO_CS Package (Coordinate System Transformation)

22 SDO_CSW_PROCESS Package (CSW Processing)

23 SDO_GCDR Package (Geocoding)

24 SDO_GEOM Package (Geometry)

25 SDO_LRS Package (Linear Referencing System)

26 SDO_MIGRATE Package (Upgrading)

27 SDO_OLS Package (OpenLS)

28 SDO_PC_PKG Package (Point Clouds)

29 SDO_SAM Package (Spatial Analysis and Mining)

30 SDO_TIN_PKG Package (TINs)

31 SDO_TUNE Package (Tuning)

32 SDO_UTIL Package (Utility)

33 SDO_WFS_LOCK Package (WFS)

34 SDO_WFS_PROCESS Package (WFS Processing)

Part IV Supplementary Information

A Installation, Compatibility, and Upgrade

B Oracle Locator

C Complex Spatial Queries: Examples