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Oracle® Database New Features Guide
10g Release 2 (10.2)

Part Number B14214-01
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1 Oracle Database 10g New Features

Application Development
Application Program Interface (API) and Precompilers
Oracle Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) Driver Support for Linux
Oracle Call Interface (OCI) Client Version API
Start Up and Shut Down of Database OCI API
Oracle C++ Call Interface (OCCI) Transparent Application Failover Support
Instant Client Light
Instant Client Software Development Kit (SDK)
Globalization and Unicode Improvements
Unicode 4.0
Unicode Data Type Literal Enhancement
Globalization Development Kit (GDK) 2.0
Character Set Scanner (CSSCAN) Enhancements
Language and Character Set File Scanner (LCSSCAN) Enhancements
Consistent Linguistic Searching and Sorting
Transliteration for Japanese Kana Conversion
Java, Java Database Connectivity (JDBC), and Web Services
JDBC XA Connections Caching
JDBC Runtime Connection Load Balancing
JDBC Support for Data Manipulation Language (DML) in the RETURNING Clause
Support for JDBC 3.0 ResultSet Holdability
Support for JDBC 3.0 Retrieval of Auto-Generated Key
Oracle HTML DB Improvements
Cluster Bar Charts
Dial Charts
Percentage Bar Charts
Stacked Bar Charts
Asynchronous Refresh for All Charts Based on Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)
Create Master Detail With Choice of Layout
Application From a Spreadsheet Wizard
Create Forms and Reports Based on a Web Service Reference
Discover Web Services Through UDDI Repository
Simplified and More Consistent User Interface
PL/SQL Improvements
PL/SQL Conditional Compilation
Obfuscation of Dynamically Generated PL/SQL Source Code
Relaxation of Line Length and Overall Limits for the DBMS_OUTPUT PL/SQL Package
UTL_NLA PL/SQL Package for Matrix Math
SQL Language Improvements
Rules Manager
Regular Expression Enhancements
Collection Operator Performance Improvements
Distributed Large Objects (LOB) Support
Expression Filter Enhancements
XML Application Development
Advanced XPath Rewrite
New InsertXML(), AppendChildXML(), InsertXMLBefore(), and DeleteXML() Functions
Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) 1.2 Implementation in C/C++
SQL/XML Standard (SQL:2003 Standard Part 14) Compliance
SQL/XML Standard Compliance
Easy XML Application Development Using JAXB Customization
Oracle XML Developer's Kit (XDK) PL/SQL Document Object Model (DOM) API Deprecation
XPath 2.0 and XQuery 1.0 Functions and Operators Support in Java
Custom Metadata for Oracle XML DB Repository Resources
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Support
Transportable Tablespace Support
Oracle XML DB Administration in the Enterprise Manager Web Console
Fast-Start Failover to Standby Database
Fast-Start Failover
Automatic Conversion of the Primary Database to a Standby Database Upon Failover
Optimized Asynchronous Redo Transmission
Faster Redo Apply Failover
Faster SQL Apply Failover
Support for Database Transport Across Same Endian Platforms
Database Transport Across Same Endian Platforms
High Availability Improvements
Add and Create a Transportable Tablespace to a Database
Additional Data Type Support in LogMiner and SQL Apply
Automatic Deletion of Applied Archive Logs
Data Guard: Improved Manageability for Redo Transport, Log Apply, and Broker
Dynamic RMAN Channel Allocation for Backing Up and Recovering RAC Database
RMAN Backup Encryption
Easy Conversion of a Physical Standby Database to a Reporting Database
Eliminate Control File Re-Creation
Enhanced Memory Corruption Checking
Enhanced RMAN Backup Job Views
Enhanced Server Side Shutdown
Enhanced Space Management Verification
Failover Improvements for Real Application Clusters (RAC) Distributed Transactions
Faster Instance Startup for Large Memory Configurations
Fine-Grained, Automated Tracking of SQL Apply Runtime Performance
Flashback Across Data Guard Switchovers
Flashback Database Through Resetlogs
Hardware Assisted Resilient Data (HARD) Compliant RMAN Backups
Increase Supported Real Application Clusters Instances for a Database
Incremental Roll Forward of Database Copy
Online Redefinition Supports Clustered Tables, ADT's, MV Logs, AQ Tables, and Preserves Database Statistics
Online Redefinition of a Single Partition
Optimized Creation of Logical Standby Database
Unused Block Compression
Reorganized Object Types Improves User Interface
Restore Point
Temporary Datafiles Are Re-Created on RMAN Recovery
Business Intelligence
SQL Support for Analytic Applications
Enhanced Upsert Abilities in MODEL Clause
Enhancements to MODEL Rules Which Use FOR Loops
Use of Analytic Functions in the SQL MODEL Clause
Intra-Partition DML in the Presence of Bitmap Indexes
Improved Very Large Database (VLDB) Support
Increased Maximum Number of Partitions Per Object
Enhanced Dynamic Partition Pruning
Resource Optimized DROP TABLE for Partitioned Tables
Reduced Information Cycle Time
Distributed Asynchronous Change Data Capture (CDC)
DML Error Logging Table
Partition Change Tracking Refresh Without Materialized View Logs
Query Rewrite Using Multiple Materialized Views
Skip Level Dimension Hierarchies
Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) Support for Analytic Applications
Incremental Aggregation of Compressed OLAP Cubes
OLAP API Supports Calculated (Virtual) Dimension Members
OLAP Compressed Cubes Support Semiadditive Aggregation Methods
Data Mining Support for Analytic Applications
Decision Tree Algorithm
Predictive Analytics Package
SQL-Level Data Mining Scoring Capability
Java Data Mining (JDM) Compliant Java API
Real Application Clusters (RAC) Performance
Load Balancing Advisory
Oracle Cluster File System for Solaris
Real Application Clusters Robustness
Clusterware File Redundancy
Cluster Verification
Cluster Tracing and Diagnostic Enhancements
Application High Availability With Oracle Clusterware
High Availability API
Content Management
Oracle Text Improvements
CTXRULE Asian Language Support
Key Word in Context (KWIC)
Online Indexing for Local Partitioned Index
interMedia Improvements
interMedia DICOM Medical Imaging Format Support
interMedia Support for Image Content Metadata and XML DB Integration
Java Advanced Imaging 1.1.2 Support
Database Overall
Database Utilities
Easier Manual Upgrades
Enhanced Pre-Upgrade Information Utility
Default DATA_PUMP_DIR Directory Object
Dumpfile Compression
Extended Job Status Display
FILESIZE Value for Dumpfiles
Monitoring of Data Pump Jobs Started Outside of Enterprise Manager
New PCTSPACE Transform Parameter on Data Pump Import
Object ID (OID) Transform Parameter
SQL*Plus DBMS_OUTPUT Buffer and Line Size Limit Increase
SQL*Plus XQuery Support
Database Security
Privacy and Confidentiality
Transparent Data Encryption
Key Management for Data Encryption
Improved Manageability
Enhanced Proxy Authentication
Audit Trail in Standard XML Format
Secure By Default
Connect Role Privilege Reduction
Improved Integration and Interoperability
Secure External Password Store
Enhanced Centralized Password Policies for the Database
Oracle Label Security Support for Real Application Clusters
Grid Computing
Data Provisioning
File Groups Repository
Transportable Tablespace from Backup
Oracle Scheduler
Event Scheduling
Job Chaining
Scheduler Enhancements
Grid Management
Configuration Plug-ins and Assistants
Enterprise Manager Configuration Plug-in
Migrate Non-ASM Databases to ASM
Standalone Automatic Storage Management (ASM) Configuration
Standalone Disk Group Management
Upgrade 10.1 Database to 10.2
Database Management
Ability to Discover and Update Host Cluster Targets in Enterprise Manager
Access Advisor Enhancements in Enterprise Manager
Backup and Recovery Configuration Enhancements in Enterprise Manager
Clone External Objects as Part of the Cloning Operation
Database Administration Enhancements in Enterprise Manager
Database Auditing Administration in Enterprise Manager
Enable or Disable Undo Retention Guarantee
Enhanced Backup Management
Enhanced Diagnostics for Cache Coherency Statistics
Integrate Segment Advisor with Segment Findings
Lock and Unlock Statistics
Management of Directory Objects in the Enterprise Manager Web Console
Miscellaneous Undo Advisor User Interface Enhancements
New Storage and Configuration Policies
Oracle Spatial Administration in the Enterprise Manager Web Console
Performance Monitoring for Large Clusters
Restore Statistics From Historic Snapshots
Restore and Recovery Enhancements in Enterprise Manager
Segment Advisor to Work on the Whole Database
Show Segment Details of Tablespace
Statistics Collection for Fixed and Dictionary Objects
Tabular Display of Tablespace Segments
Track Interconnect Information Statistics
Use RMAN Compression During Cloning
Wizard-Based Loading of Flat Files in Enterprise Manager
OPatch the Patching Tool
Software Install and Cloning
Improve Automatic Storage Management (ASM) Installation Process
Real Application Clusters Cloning
Real Application Clusters Install Framework
Silent Install for Real Application Clusters
Information Integration
Oracle Streams Performance and Usability Improvements
Streams Performance
Support for Hot Mining With Downstream Capture
Buffered Messaging
Commit-Time Ordering of Messages
Apply Handler Dependency Declaration
Simplified Large Object (LOB) Handling in Streams Apply Process
Declarative LCR Transformations
Notification Enhancements
Oracle Java Message Service (OJMS) Nonpersistent Messaging
Simplified Configuration APIs
Oracle Streams Administration in the Enterprise Manager Web Console
Improved Client/Server and Server/Server Communications
Local Naming Support for JavaNet
Oracle Streams AQ Administration in the Enterprise Manager Web Console
Transparent Application Failover (TAF) Notification
Location Services
Extend Business Geographics Features to Support Europe
Oracle Spatial Routing Engine Support for Western Europe
Extend Coordinate System in Core Spatial
Oracle Spatial Support for EPSG Coordinate Systems
GeoRaster Compression Standards
Oracle Spatial GeoRaster Compression
Improved Performance of Network Data Model
Graph Partitioning for Very Large Networks in Oracle Spatial
Improved Topology Operations
Whole Feature Inserts and Updates for the Oracle Spatial Topology Data Model
Performance and Scalability
Improved Large Object (LOB) Performance
LOB Access Statistics in Dynamic Performance Views
Online Redefinition Supports Parallel Execution for LONG-to-LOB Migration
Performance Improvements for Loading LOBs
Other Performance Improvements
Asynchronous Commit
Checkpointing Improvements
Database Change Notification
Fast Partition Split for Partitioned Index Organized Tables
Improved Aggregation Performance
Parallel Join Bitmap Filtering
Server Manageability
Simplified Configuration
Automatic Undo Retention Enhancement
Net Services Administration in the Enterprise Manager Web Console
Self-Tuning Multiblock Read Count
Improved Intelligent Infrastructure
Adaptive Alert Thresholds in Enterprise Manager
Database Performance Monitoring Enhancements in Enterprise Manager
Diagnosis of Hung or Extremely Slow Databases Through Enterprise Manager
Display Session Activity History in Enterprise Manager
Performance Graph Normalization in Enterprise Manager
Read Performance Statistics Directly From the System Global Area (SGA)
Cleanup System Statistics
Enhanced Active Session History
Enhanced Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM) Performance Analysis
Progress Monitoring for Advisors
Enhanced End-to-End Performance Monitoring
Active Session History (ASH) Report
Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) Compare Periods Report
Configurable AWR SQL Collection
Transportable Automatic Workload Repository (AWR)
Automatic Storage Management (ASM) Manageability
ASM Command-Line Interface
ASM Wait on Rebalance Process
Additional ASM Manageability Enhancements
Batch Selection of Multiple Disks for Operations Like DELETE, RESIZE, and CHECK
Automatic Storage Management (ASM) Extensions
ASM Support for Multiple Database Releases
Enhanced Protocol Support for Database to ASM Connection
File Support in Automatic Storage Management (ASM)
Enhanced Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM)
Automatic Shared Memory Management of Streams Pool
Enhanced Instance Tuning
Automatically Enabled Resource Manager
Enhanced Ability to Diagnose Memory Allocation
Enhanced Automatic Shared Memory Management
Enhanced Resource Manager Monitoring
Enhanced SQL Manageability
Transportable SQL Tuning Sets
Display SQL History in Enterprise Manager
Interruptible SQL Access Advisor
SQL Access Advisor Recommends Function-Based Indexes
SQL Profile Enhancements
SQL Statistics Enhancement
Timeout for Flushing SQL Statistics
Enhanced Space Management
Default Automatic Segment Space Management (ASSM)
Automatic Segment Advisor
Online Segment Shrink Enhancements
Size-Based Tablespace Space Usage Alerts
Drop Empty Datafile
Improved Availability and Scalability With Oracle Real Application Clusters
ODP.NET: Fast Application Notification (FAN)
ODP.NET: Integration with Real Application Clusters Load Balancing Advisory
Ease of Development
Common Language Runtime (CLR) Stored Procedure Visual Studio Integration
ODP.NET: .NET Framework 1.1 Functionality Support
ODP.NET: Database Change Notification Service
ODP.NET: Derived Parameters Support
ODP.NET: Enhanced Connection Pool Administration
ODP.NET: Query Cancel/Timeout
Server-Side ODP.NET
Performance Improvements
ODP.NET: Improved LOB Retrieval Performance and Functionality
ODP.NET: Statement Caching
ODP.NET: Enhanced Virtual Private Database (VPD) Support
Secure Operating System Objects

2 Oracle Database 10g Documentation

Documentation Titles and Online Documentation Structure
Oracle Database 10g Documentation
General Database Documents
Application Development Documentation
Backup Documentation
Data Mining Documentation
Database Server Documentation
Enterprise Manager Documentation
Gateways Documentation
Installation Documentation
Java Development Documentation
Networking Documentation
OLAP Documentation
Real Application Clusters Documentation
Release Notes Documentation
Text Documentation
Ultra Search Documentation
Windows Documentation
Workflow Documentation