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Oracle® Database New Features Guide
10g Release 1 (10.1)

Part Number B10750-01
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1 Oracle Database 10g, Release 1 New Features

Server Manageability
Server Configuration
Simplified Database Install
Automatic Storage Management Configuration
Automatic Oracle Real Application Clusters Services Configuration
Simplified Upgrade for RAC and Oracle Parallel Server Databases
Automatic Oracle Enterprise Manager Configuration
Automatic Integrated Clusterware Installation
Automatic Configuration of Recovery Area
Out-of-the-Box LDAP Configuration
Simplified Initialization Parameters
Default User Tablespace
Easy Upgrade
Upgrade Information Tool
Network Management
Back Up Directory Naming Entries to Local Naming File
Dynamic Connection Manager Configuration
Easy Connect Naming Method
Improved Network Outage Detection
Automatic LDAP Discovery for Clients
Improved Connection Manager Access Rules
Automatic Shared Server Configuration
Simplified Shared Server Configuration Parameters
Manageability Infrastructure
Database Features Usage Tracking
Enhanced Database Time Model
End-to-End Application Tracing
JDBC: End-to-End Tracing
SYSAUX Tablespace
Automatic Routine Administration Tasks
Server-Generated Alerts
Automatic Workload Respository
Enhanced Wait Model
Threshold-Based Alerts
Storage Management
Multiple Default Temporary Tablespace Support for SQL Operations
Automatic Storage Management
Rename Tablespace
Space, Object, and Transaction Management
Automatic Undo Retention Tuning
Segment Advisor
New Segment Resource Estimation
Online Segment Shrink
Proactive Tablespace Management
Undo Advisor
Backup and Recovery Manageability
Enhanced RMAN Reporting
Backup Compression
Bounded Backup Window
RMAN Scripts Manageability
Recovery Area Full Alert
Instance Tuning
User-Initiated Buffer Cache Flushing
Database Resource Manager - Adaptive Consumer Group Mapping
New Performance Overview Charts in Oracle Enterprise Manager
Improved SQL Reporting Using Oracle Enterprise Manager
Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor
Redo Logfile Sizing Advisor
Automatic Checkpoint Tuning
Automatic Shared Memory Tuning
Transaction Rollback and Recovery Monitoring
Application Tuning
SQL Tuning Advisor
SQLAccess Advisor
Materialized View Tuning API
Automatic Optimizer Statistics Collection
Database Overall
SQL*Plus - glogin.sql Changes
SQL*Plus - Show Recycle Bin
SQL*Plus - Run glogin.sql and login.sql After Each CONNECT
SQL*Plus - COMPATIBILITY Command Line Option
SQL*Plus - SET SQLPROMPT Runtime Variable Substitution
Data Pump Data Load/Unload
iSQL*Plus - Output Over Multiple Pages
iSQL*Plus Input Prompting
Performance and Scalability
Index-Organized Table (IOT) Partitioning Enhancements
Eliminate Duplicated Columns in Index on an Index-Organized Table
Configurable TCP/IP Send and Receive Buffer Size
Single-Set Aggregates in DML Returning Clause
High-Speed Infiniband Network Support
Sorted Hash Clusters
Windows Fiber Support
Optimized 64-bit Database
SQL Tuning Advisor
SQLAccess Advisor
Materialized View Tuning API
Automatic Optimizer Statistics Collection
Oracle Real Application Clusters Enhancements
Integrated Clusterware Management
Automatic Workload Management
Single System Image Management
Fast Connection Failover
Performance Improvements
Zero Downtime Patching
Cluster Verification and Improved Diagnostic Tools
Grid Computing
Resource Virtualization and Provisioning
Transparent Session Migration
Streams - Moving an Operating System File
Streams - Simple Instantiation of Replica Tablespaces and Databases
Integrated Clusterware Management
High-Speed Infiniband Network Support
Fast Connection Failover
Automatic Storage Management
Cross-Platform Transportable Tablespaces
Data Pump Export and Import Utilities
Streams - Instantiation Through RMAN
Streams - Instantiation Through Transportable Tablespaces
Streams - Instantiation Through Data Pump
Workload Management
Automatic Workload Management
Database Resource Manager - Adaptive Consumer Group Mapping
Scheduler - Job Processing
Scheduler - Usability and Manageability
Scheduler - Support for Jobs in a Clustered Environment
Information Integration
Improved Information Integration Performance
Transparent Gateway - Remote Stored Functions in SELECT Statements
Oracle Streams
JMS 1.3-Compliant JDBC - Thin Driver Support
OJMS Queue and Topic Unification Support
Oracle Messaging Gateway - MQSeries JMS Interface
Oracle Messaging Gateway - OJMS (AQ/JMS) Interface
Oracle Messaging Gateway - Tibco/Rendezvous Java Interface
Streams - Batch Enqueue/Dequeue
Advanced Replication to Streams Migration Tool
Streams - Support Delete Cascade Operations
Streams - Enqueue Handler
Streams - Access to Client Information During Processing
Streams - Descending and Function-Based Index Support
Streams - Precommit Handlers
Streams - Negative Rules
Streams - Rules Engine - Easy Rules Engine Transformation Management
Streams - Row Subsetting During Capture and Propagation
Streams - Additional Streams Datatype and IOT Support
Streams - Access to Additional LCR Attributes
Streams - Instantiation Through Data Pump
Streams - Clean Up Rules Sets
Streams - Buffer Queue Monitoring
Streams - Message Notification
Streams - Allocate Memory from Streams Pool
Streams - High-Level API for Message Queuing
Streams - Easier Transformation Monitoring
Streams - Improved Capture and Apply Error Handling
Streams - Instantiation Through RMAN
Streams - Expose Commit Order of Changes
Streams - Clean Up LogMiner Information
Streams - Set Instantiation SCN at Apply Site
Streams - Views to Monitor Instantiation Data
Streams - New APIs to Grant Privileges
Improved Streams Oracle Real Application Clusters Support
Streams - Downstream Capture
Streams - Instantiation Through Transportable Tablespaces
OCCI Support for Streams AnyData Queues
Streams - Enhanced Capture and Apply Performance
Streams - Performance Enhancements for AnyData
Rules Engine - Rules Enhancements
The Scheduler
Scheduler - Core Scheduler Features
Scheduler - Usability and Manageability
Scheduler - Monitoring
Scheduler - Job Processing
Scheduler - Recovery
Scheduler - Support for Jobs in a Clustered Environment
Scheduler - ILMS Support
Scheduler - Increased Throughput
Scheduler - Dynamic Slave Pool
Scheduler - Redo Minimization
Backup and Recovery
Flash Backup and Recovery
Drop Database
RMAN Database Deregistration
Backup and Restore of Standby Control File
Automatic TSPITR
Simplified Recovery Manager Cataloging of Backup Files
Automatic Channel Failover for Backup and Restore
Automatic File Creation During Recovery
Simplified Backups to Disk
Proxy Copy Backup of Archivelogs
Incrementally Updated Backups
Simplified Recovery Through Resetlogs
Restore Tolerates Corrupt or Missing Backups
Full Database Begin Backup Command
Change-Aware Incremental Backups
Enhanced Oracle Data Guard Infrastructure
Data Guard Broker Support for RAC
Automatic LogMiner Configuration
Log Miner Support for Index-Organized Tables
LogMiner Support for More Types: LONG, Multibyte CLOB and NCLOB
Fine-Grained Supplemental Logging
Secured Redo Transmission
Uniquely Named Databases with DB_UNIQUE_NAME
Simplified Zero Data Loss for Data Guard SQL Apply
Zero Downtime Instantiation for SQL Apply
Real Time Apply
Automating Recovery Through Open Resetlogs in Standby Databases
Recovering from Human Error with Flashback Technology
Oracle Flashback Database
Oracle Flashback Table
Oracle Flashback Version Query
Oracle Flashback Drop
Oracle Flashback Transaction Query
Reduced Downtime for Application and Database Upgrades
Enhanced Online Redefinition
Rolling Upgrades with SQL Apply
Signature-Based Dependency Tracking Using Synonyms
Security and Directory
Improved Administration
DML Support in FGA
Communication over SASL
Unified User Model
Easy Database Registration
Extended and Uniform Audit Trail
Oracle Label Security Directory Integration
Integration and Interoperability
Certificate Validation with Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs)
Centralized CRL Management
Centralized User Management for Kerberos Users
Kerberos-Enabled Database Links
Operating System Credential Cache
Access to Single Sign On Wallet
Key Store Interface
Database Authentication with Standard LDAP Password Verifiers
Single Station Administration for Password Authentication to Oracle Database
Smart Card Support for X509v3 Certificates
Transport Layer Security (TLS) Support
SSL Session Renegotiation
4096-Bit Key Size Support
Performance Improvements
Security and Privacy
VPD Support for Parallel Query
VPD Static and Dynamic Policies
Column-Level VPD
Business Intelligence
BLAST Queries
Statistical Functions
Document Clustering
Support Vector Machines
Document Named Entity Extraction
Data Mining Support for Analytic Applications
Frequent Itemsets
DBMS_DATA_MINING PL/SQL Interface for Oracle Data Mining
Features Extraction using Non-Negative Matrix Factorization Algorithm
Enhanced Data Preprocessing
Enhanced Adaptive Bayes Network
Multi-User Access Control
Oracle Data Mining Client (DM4J)
Support Vector Machines (SVM)
Improved Very Large Database (VLDB) Support
Bigfile Tablespace
Enhanced Partition Management in Oracle Enterprise Manager
Global Partitioned Indexes - Hash Partitioning
Partitioned Index-Organized Tables - List Partitioning
Partitioned Index-Organized Tables - Global Index Maintenance
Partitioned Index-Organized Tables - LOB Support
Enhanced Bitmap Index Performance and Space Management
Local Partitioned Indexes Manageability Improvements
OLAP Support for Analytic Applications
Parallel AGGREGATE Command
Parallel SQL IMPORT Command
PL/SQL Creation of Analytic Workspaces
Intra-Dimensional (Attribute) Aggregation
Enhanced Composite Dimensions Indexing
PL/SQL OLAP Measure Calculation Definition
Complete Analytical Workspace Management
Multi-Writer Support
XML Interface for Analytic Workspace
Reduced Information Cycle Time
Asynchronous Change Data Capture
Cross-Platform Transportable Tablespaces
Enhanced Table Functions
External Tables Unload
Enhanced MERGE Functionality
Data Pump Export and Import Utilities
Parallel Data Pump Export and Import
SQL*Loader Direct-Path Load Support for ROWID Datatype
SQL*Loader Direct-Path Load Support for VARRAY Datatype
SQL*Loader Direct-Path Load Support for XMLType Tables
SQL Support for Analytic Applications
Partition Outer Join
Increased Number of Aggregates per Query
Upsert Through SQL Model Calculations
Summary Management OLAP Query Performance Improvements
Summary Management - Enhanced Partition-Aware Materialized View Refresh
Summary Management - EXPLAIN PLAN Shows Materialized View Access
Summary Management - Enhanced Dimensions
Summary Management - Nested Materialized View Refresh
Summary Management - Enhanced PCT Refresh
Content Management
Improved Multimedia Support
ISO/IEC 13249-5 SQL Multimedia Still Image Support
Terabyte-Size LOBs
Java Advanced Imaging 1.1.1_01 Support
Native Support for Additional Audio/Video Media Formats
Improved Text Globalization Capabilities
Document Character Set and Language Detection
New German Spelling Rules Support
Chinese GB18030 Character Set Support
Enhanced Japanese Language Support
Improved Text Manageability and Usability
Text Classification and Routing
Classification Training Set Wizard for JDeveloper
Thesaurus Manager
Catalog Wizard for JDeveloper
Text Wizard for JDeveloper
Indexless Document Services
Progressive Text Query Relaxation
Query Log Analysis
Multipart MIME Filter
Highlighting for INPATH and HASPATH Operators
Positional Operator
Improved Text Quality of Retrieval
Link Analysis
NEAR-ACCUM Text Operator
Theme Proximity Searching
Location Services
GeoRaster Support
Spatial Analytics and Geocoder
Network Data Model
Topology Data Model
Spatial Index Updates and Queries - Performance Improvements
Parallel Spatial Queries
OpenGIS Simple Features Specification Conformance
Workspace Manager Event Management
Enhanced Workspace Manager Usability
Enhanced Workspace Manager Database Support
Application Development
Database Centric Application Development Environment
Service Administration
SQL Workshop
Data Workshop
Application Builder
Globalization and Unicode
Globalization Development Kit
Character Set Scanner Utilities
Database Character Set Scanner CSALTER Script
Expanded Locale Coverage
Unicode 3.2 Support
CLOB and NCLOB Implicit Conversions
Java, JDBC, and Web Services
JDBC Thin Driver PL/SQL Index Table
JDBC 3.0 Named Parameter
SOAP Client for Database Web Services
Java-in-Database Web Services
SQL Query Web Services
Web Services Data Source
Enhanced PL/SQL Web Services
Consuming External Web Services from SQL and PL/SQL
Consuming External Web Services from Database Using Java
SQL DML Web Services
OracleJVM: Native Java Interface
Enhanced JDBC VARRAY Support
JDBC LONG to LOB Conversion
JDBC RAC/HA Fast Connection Failover
JDBC 3.0 J2EE Connector Architecture Resource Adapter
JDBC 3.0 DATALINK Datatype and Ref Interface
JDBC Web RowSet
OracleJVM J2SE 1.4.x Compatibility
Implicit JDBC 3.0 Connection Caching
JDBC Connection Cache Manager
Other APIs and Precompilers
Instant Client
OCCI Globalization Support
OCCI Stateless Connection Pooling
OCCI Performance Improvements
OCCI Statement Caching
OCCI XA Support
Preserved User Code in OTT-Generated Classes
PL/SQL Improvements
Sparse Table Bulk Binds
Collection Set Operations
Database Storage of PL/SQL Native Compilation Units
Fine-Grained Debug Privileges
Regular Expressions
User-Specified Quoting Character
UTL_MAIL Package
Compile-Time Warnings
DBMS_PROFILER Improvements
PL/SQL Optimizing Compiler
SQL Language Improvements
Case-Insensitive and Accent-Insensitive Query and Sort
Enhanced Collections
Enhanced CONNECT BY Support
Expression Filter
Extensible Indexing
SQL Regular Expressions
Row Timestamp
XML Application Development Support
SQL/XML Standard Compliance
Oracle XML DB LDAP Access Performance
XML DB Schema Evolution
XML Processing Performance Improvements
XML Transformation Performance Improvements in C/C++
XML DB Internationalization
Extended XML Standard Support in C/C++
Extended XML Standard Support in Java
XML Transformation and Querying Performance Improvements in Java
High Performance XML - Java
XML DB XMLType View Performance
Data Access Support
Oracle Objects for OLE Support for Oracle Datatypes and Grid
ODP.NET Support for Advanced Oracle Features
ODP.NET Support for XML DB
Operating System Integration
Optimized 64-bit Database
Oracle Services for Microsoft Transaction Server Support

2 Oracle Database 10g Documentation

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Oracle Data Mining Documentation
Oracle Spatial Documentation
Oracle OLAP Documentation
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