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Oracle® Universal Installer Concepts Guide
10g Release 1 (10.1)

Part Number B12140-01
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1 Introduction to Oracle Universal Installer

Key Features
System Requirements

2 Using Oracle Universal Installer

Checking Pre-Requisites Before Installation
Installing Oracle Products
Getting Help While Installing Oracle Products
About the ORAPARAM.INI File
Modes of Installation
Installation Media
Installing from a Single CD-ROM
Installing from Multiple CD-ROMs
Installing from the Web
Special Instructions for UNIX Users
Failed to Connect to Server Error
Providing a UNIX Installer Location with Root Privileges
Providing a UNIX Group Name
Deinstalling Oracle Products
Removing Oracle Products and Oracle Homes With OUI
Deinstalling Top Level Products that Have Dependees
Silent Deinstallation
Immediately Displaying the Inventory Dialog Box
Hiding the Inventory Dialog Box
Hiding the Deinstallation Confirmation and Progress Dialog Boxes
Running OUI After Installation
Starting OUI
Command Line Arguments
Using OUI Exit Codes
Cloning Considerations
About OUI Log Files

3 Managing Oracle Homes

Introduction to Oracle Homes
Creating Oracle Homes
Removing Oracle Homes
Determining the Default Oracle Home
Multiple Oracle Homes
Target Home
About the OUI Inventory
Locating the Inventory on Windows Systems
Locating the Inventory on UNIX
Home Selector (Available on Win32 Platforms)
Home Selector Overview
How Home Selector Works
Oracle Home Directory Structure for Windows Platforms
Optimal Flexible Architecture Directory Structure (on UNIX)

4 Customizing and Creating Response Files

About Response Files
What Is a Silent Installation?
What Is a Response File?
Why Perform a Silent Installation?
Modifying a Response File
Creating a Response File With Record Mode
Using Record Mode
Response File Format
Variable Values
Variable Lookup Order
Setting the Recommendation Value
Response File Parameters
Installing Using a Response File
Specifying a Response File
Optional Parameters When Specifying a Response File
Setting Response File Variables From the Command Line
Specifying the Value of a Session Variable
Specifying the Value of a Component Variable

5 Cluster Environment Installations

Installing Clusterware
Pre-Installation Tasks
Installing Product Software on a Cluster
Cluster Detection
Availability Checking
Cluster Installation
Cluster Deinstallation
Adding Nodes to a Cluster Installation
Command Line Options for Cluster Installs (UNIX Only)

6 Oracle Internationalization and Translation

Installer/Installation Dialogs Language
Product Language Selections

A Troubleshooting

Debugging Mechanisms in OUI
OUI Errors
Other Tips

B Sample Files

Sample Response File