Updated "2004/12/10"

Sun[tm] Studio 10: Incremental Link Editor Readme


  1. Introduction
  2. About the Sun Studio 10, Incremental Link Editor
  3. New and Changed Features
  4. Software Corrections
  5. Problems and Workarounds
  6. Limitations and Incompatibilities
  7. Documentation Errors


A. Introduction

Note: The Incremental Link Editor (ild) is a special-purpose linker that can, in limited situations, perform program linkage faster than the general-purpose system linker ld. This feature might be removed in a future release. When ild is no longer available, ld will be used automatically instead. ild is not avaialbe when you specify -xarch=amd64.

This document contains information about the Incremental Link Editor (ild) for the Sun Studio 10 release. This document describes the new features, software corrections, known problems, limitations, and incompatibilities of this release. Information in this document overrides information in the manuals for this release.

Product Documentation

To view the text version of this readme, type the following at a command prompt:

   more /opt/SUNWspro/READMEs/ild

To view the HTML version of this readme, point your browser to the default installation directory:


Note - If your Sun Studio 10 software is not installed in the default /opt directory, ask your system administrator for the equivalent path on your system.


B. About the Sun Studio 10, Incremental Link Editor

This release of the ild is available on the Solaris[tm] Operating System: versions 8, 9, and 10


C. New and Changed Features

This section describes the new and changed features for the ild. These new and changed features are logged in the Bugtraq+ database under the identification number listed with each item.


D. Software Corrections

This section details the following software corrections:


E. Problems and Workarounds

This section discusses known software problems and possible workarounds for those problems. For updates or patches, check the information at http://developers.sun.com/prodtech/cc/support_index.html.


F. Limitations and Incompatibilities 

This section discusses limitations and incompatibilities with systems or other software. For last-minute information about this Sun Studio 10 release, see the Sun Studio 10 Release Notes at http://developers.sun.com/tools/cc/documentation/ss10_docs/release_notes.html.


G. Documentation Errors 

There is no new information at this time.


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