Document ID   Synopsis   Date
ID11731   Removing an application from CDE's Default Front Panel   24 Jun 2002


The Front Panel is relatively easy to customize manually.  It is defined
by a database of configuration files.  The default Front Panel configuration
is defined in:


Front Panel configuration files end with the extension ".fp".

By default, Front Panel configuration files are found in the following


Where there is a conflict between components of a definition, the following
rules apply:

+ If the components have the same name, the first component read is used
+ If two components specify the same position, the are placed in the order
  in which they are read

To remove a control from the Default CDE's Front Panel:

1.  Copy its definition from


    into a file with the ".fp" extension residing in the directory:


2.   Add the following text to the control definition:

    DELETE      True

3.   Choose "Restart WorkspaceManager ..." from the root menu.

For example, to remove the Text Edit application from the Front Panel
copy its text from:




then add the line:


The control definition should look like:

CONTROL TextEditor
  TYPE                  icon
  ICON                  Fppenpd
  LABEL                 Text Editor
  PUSH_ACTION           Dtpad
  DROP_ACTION           Dtpad
  HELP_TOPIC            FPOnItemTextEditor
  HELP_VOLUME           FPanel
  DELETE                True

Finally, choose "Restart Workspace Manager..." , from the root menu.  The
Text Editor will be removed from the Front Panel.