JumpStart Enterprise Toolkit

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The JumpStart Enterprise Toolkit provides a framework to simplify and extend the JumpStart functionality provided within the Solaris Operating System.
  1. The software script(s) are not a generally available standard Sun product, and the software script(s) are supplied "as is";
  2. All express and implied warranties including, without limitation, fitness for purpose are hereby excluded;
  3. Sun does not provide support services for the software script(s);
  4. Sun does not make any representations that:
    1. operation of any of the software script(s) shall be uninterrupted or error free, or
    2. functions contained in the software script(s) shall operate in the combinations which may be selected for use by Customer or meet Customer's requirements, or
    3. that upgraded versions of the software script(s) will be issued by Sun.


Ownership of Intellectual Property (IPR) Rights

The ownership of the IPR of the supplied software rests with Sun. Customer is granted free use of the software and IPR except that:

  1. It cannot be sold, delivered, or otherwise passed to a third party.
  2. It cannot be incorporated into a customer product and sold, delivered, or otherwise passed to a third party.
Using the Toolkit

The toolkit is supplied as a number of Solaris packages that need to be added to the prospective JumpStart server. No Solaris or product media is supplied with the packages; these still need to be obtained through usual sources (CDs, and so on).

Quick-Start guide: (all steps performed as root)
Download the Toolkit Here (4.1 Update, 30 November 2005)

  1. Add the packages
    # pkgadd -d SUNWjet.pkg
  2. Add /opt/jet/bin to the path of the root user
  3. Either:
    1. run 'copy_solaris_media' to copy the Solaris image from CD/DVD to disk
    2. run 'add_solaris_location' to inform the toolkit of existing Solaris images


  4. Create a 'template' for a new client, using the 'make_template' command.
    # make_template machine1
  5. Edit the new template and configure the build
    # vi /opt/jet/Templates/machine1
  6. Configure the build environment for this client
    # make_client machine1
  7. Start the build on the client
    ok boot net - install

Additional information on the JumpStart Enterprise Toolkit, including a user guide, is scheduled for release. Further information on the toolkit can be obtained by email from jet@sun.com.

Download the Jumpstart Enterprise Toolkit




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