e450 - OBP power-off problem

Stoyan Angelov [email protected]
Tue Apr 1 10:36:24 2003

hello all,

i have a problem with one of my e450 machines. while at the OBP ok>
prompt i type: power-off
the machine will not switch off instead the fan's will start working at
their maximum speed. the OBP ok prompt becomes unavailable... also the
three leds of the PSU's are ON (green).
to switch off i use the 4 position key. this is the first time i see
such a problem. all other e450 machines that i have will power off
without problem. this is not a critical problem since these machines are
rock solid and power-off is not my favourite command :)

the configuratiuon is:
CPU's: 4x300 MHz, 20 internal disks, 2 PSU's
OBP 3.26.0, POST 6.1.0, OBDIAG 4.5.1
prtdiag shows no problems and machine works good except this problem.

has anyone seen such a problem?

thank you!

Stoyan Angelov

Stoyan Angelov
e-mail: [email protected]